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Amphibian Breathing

© Pat Power
August 2004

I got the image of the plant from a friend of a friend via a website. He wrote:

I've been thinking about photographs of photographs since I saw the Gabriel Orozco exhibition at the Hirschhorn last week. There is a piece called 'Traffic Worm' in which:

"...he laid balls, or "worms" of plasticine over a National Geographic illustration of an urban traffic jam and rephotographed the page.."

2nd generation photos aren't just softer; they often have an otherworldly luminosity to them. Another kind of gen2 product is a photo of a collage. I've been looking at Pat's collages, or rather, scans of her collages; the act of photographing [or scanning] pulls all the elements into a common space, just as disparate, anachronistic features of dreams seem to temporarily co-exist in a 'natural' way.

James Huckenpahler
Washington, D.C.