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Headed West

© Pat Power
December 2007

Warhol raised the deep philosophical issue of what the difference was between art and reality when there was no perceptual difference. Read more. Also, I recommend this fascinating documentary if you like Warhol or not, to see how he changed everything. If you're into the enneagram, keep in mind that he's a 3/4w [the professional]. His work strikingly demonstrates the type Three concern with the nature of image.


True nature, the Essence of the soul, is valuable, is worthy of appreciation and love, not because it gives her something, not because it adds to her, not because it liberates her, but because it is beautiful. Its value is in its beauty and perfection. Its truth is its value, and this truth is the essence of all beauty. The beauty of a form turns out to be this transparency to true nature. The more a manifest form expresses and embodies true nature with its timeless features, the more the eyes of the soul behold it as beautiful. Beauty is a reflection of truth, and truth is ultimately true nature. And the dimension of true nature that reveals this essential beauty is that of divine love. (A.H. Almaas, Inner Journey Home, p 286, 287)