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String Theory

© Pat Power
October 2001


I think its best to look at art and have your own thoughts but here's a few of mine.

Apparently, String Theory is an attempt to create a "Theory of Everything" - a theory that unifies the electroweak, strong nuclear, and gravity forces. The basis of the theory is that all matter is composed of strings. The strings themselves are the smallest possible particles. Chemistry reduces all of matter to a hundred or so types of atoms, called "elements." But these elements in turn consist of smaller particles interacting with each other.

I like the electromagnetic utilitarian idea that there's all this complicated info and energy being sent through the tidy wires while being useful to the woman and the birds, and are aesthetically pleasing to me. One could make a String Theory for the hand and wagon, it would be much simpler that the one above. But we should read at least one paragraph on unified fields. Einstein would have made it more fun. I wish he was still around, he was a great humanitarian and post Sept. 11th, we sure could use him. The fresh laundry is for him.